Parenting Programme – Dare with Dads

The Ubaba Unathi Training uncovers many emotions. I am amazed at how well people cope when you hear their stories and see their tears when confronted with fatherlessness.
Pat told us about his frustration with his father with whom he shares a house. They eat together and say good night. Apart from that nothing happens in their relationship. His father spent time in social clubs and with his friends. But not with him. We advised him to talk to his father about it. What he did was beautiful.
At first he gave him the Ubaba Unathi manual to read. His father would make some comments. As time went by, his father would go to the social club and then, instead of staying out with friends, he would come home and read the Ubaba Unathi and Botswadi books with his son – the group leader. He made comments such as: “Is this what a parent should do? We never did this with you? Did you miss it?”
Wise Pat would take the manual every now and then to his dad, asking him to explain something he did not understand. That way his father had to focus reading passages which Pat wanted him to know. And they could talk about it.
One day his father told his friends that he will be bringing another friend to their get-together. “Who?” they wanted to know. “My son!” he said with pride. “Your SON?” And so Pat’s father promoted his son into a position which Pat craved for. In the end all his father’s friends brought along their adult children for a good get together!
With knowledge, love grows. With love joy overflows!