How to live a fulfilled life

Have you ever had that feeling of emptiness, worthlessness, kind of under the weather and wondering if what you are doing is meaning anything at all?

I know that I felt like that quite often until I have discovered what a blessing it is to be able to mean something to someone. I am not talking about what you are doing for your husband/wife or child, but what it feels like to make a real difference in someone’s life.

Do you know that you have the ability to change lives for the better?  When you do that, it pleases God tremendously. The Word of God says in James 1:27 “External religious worship (religion as it is expressed in outward acts) that is pure and unblemished in the sight of God the Father is this; to visit and help and care for orphans and widows in their affliction and need…”

The SAVF provides a wonderful platform for that. Anyone can, and everyone should become a volunteer.

You ask me WHY? I will tell you:

  • The more you give, the happier you will become. You can give anything, like your time, talents, professional help, materialistic things or money. Anything that you feel in your heart is needed, is welcome.
  • It will increase your self-confidence.
  • It will give you a sense of accomplishment and pride.
  • It will become part of your identity.

What can you gain from being a volunteer?

  • Tremendous personal growth.
  • Making a positive difference.
  • Meet new people.
  • Learn new skills.
  • Take on a challenge.
  • Have a lot of fun!

Did you know that being a volunteer has social benefits?

  • It improves mental and physical health.
  • It gives you better brain function.
  • It lowers risks for depression and anxiety.
  • It improves the immune system.
  • Benefits come quickly and have long-term effects.

How will you be able to grow personally?

  • learn industry-related skills;
  • learn how to work in a team;
  • you will learn strong leadership skills and set an example for others;
  • you will be able to have leadership opportunities;
  • learn problem solving and adaptability;
  • improve your communication skills;
  • learn how to plan and prioritise work;
  • also, learn sales skills;
  • learn to do time management;
  • get real world experience;
  • gain new perspective;
  • learn to explore more;
  • learn about the value of commitment;
  • improve your organizational skills;
  • learn to appreciate others and you will be appreciated as well;
  • receive a lot of respect from the community, other volunteers and the personnel of the SAVF;

Why is it important to be a volunteer?

  • You are changing lives and making a positive difference.
  • It is good for your health and wellbeing.
  • You can use it on your resume to demonstrate your commitment to the community and willingness to work.

I challenge you to live, experience, grow and be the change!

What does it mean to be a difference maker?

  • To be someone who has an impact or an effect.
  • To be one who brings about change.
  • It takes uniqueness to make a difference, so be unique.

Did you know that is a legal obligation for NPO managements to consist of volunteers? The community have to manage the NPO. Each service management has to have at least five volunteers (not personnel). The SAVF have 89 service managements and could even grow more. We are in desperate need of committed volunteers to help us with need in the community. The SAVF cannot function without volunteers. Everyone is welcome to join us, and if you have skills to learn us or guide us with, you will be invaluable to the organization.

Volunteers have been the roots of the SAVF. They are the people with heart. People’s people. They do invaluable work in areas of need together with the personnel of the SAVF. Without volunteers, the SAVF would not be able to provide for so many in need.


We honour you,

We appreciate you,


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Dedré Delport – SAVF 2e Vice-president