Tekkie Tax is an International Fundraising Campaign that was started in 2013.  Some of our biggest National Welfare Organisations in SA joined forces to conduct one BIG national fundraising campaign called International Tekkie Tax Day®.  Together we represent more than 1800 NGOs all over the country.


Since its inception, the campaign raised nearly R40-million.  During the same time Tekkie Tax generated sponsored publicity of close to R60-million.  After the annual audit in October 2018, all profit was distributed to participating beneficiaries.

The project is supported by thousands of people, companies, SMMEs, NGOs & schools and we are thankful to each one for joining in the fun.  Thanks to them, this is quickly becoming the most significant national fundraising campaign in SA.

 HOW does it work?

Members of the public are asked to choose a Tekkie Tax sticker.  There are five different stickers available, each representing a beneficiary sector.  Depending on where your heart lies, you can choose which of the five sectors you would like to support and YES, you may choose more than one!

For 2019, you can buy your FDA approved, water-removable tattoo.

Next step is to buy a pair of our funky Tekkie Tax Shoelaces, called “Hickies”.  On 31st May, you can dress up or down (it really does not matter), but remember to wear your sticker or tattoo and your Mezzz-merised tekkies with the special new hickies.

Just to make sure that you have been properly Tekkie-tized, get a stunning black campaign T-Shirts (adult & kiddies sizes available).

 WHEN is International Tekkie Tax Day?

The next International Tekkie Tax Day is Friday, 31 May 2019.

 WHAT does it cost?

Sticker per sector – R10

Water-removable tattoo (FDA approved) – R10

Tekkie Tax badge – R15

Tekkie Tax Hickies – R40 a packet (including a sticker of your choice + VAT)

Tekkie Tax T-shirts – black campaign t-shirt – R100 adults and kiddies R80

Beanies – R100 (Black or lime green)

 WHAT are the five SECTORS from which I can choose my sticker?

Animals | Bring hope | Children | Disability | Education


The fact that so many welfare organisations across a variety of service delivery fields are working together saves a lot of money and creates a fundraising platform for organisations that do not have the infrastructure to organise a campaign of this magnitude.


Various SPCA branches

Bring Hope


Families SA (FAMSA)

Lifeline SA


Child Welfare Organisations

SOS Children’s Villages


Epilepsy SA

Down Syndrome SA



WHAT DO YOU do on International Tekkie Tax Day?

Celebrate with us!

Put on your Tekkie Tax gear whether you are at work, at home or on holiday.  Show others where your heart lies.

Show that you have paid your “tax” and earned the right to wear your tekkies for the day!

Support the cause close to your heart visibly.

Get your family, friends, children, colleagues, boss, neighbours, service providers, rivalries … get them all to participate in International Tekkie Tax Day!  It is for a good cause after all.

Arrange your own Tekkie Tax Day event.  Take lots of pictures and share it with us on social media, making sure that we promote #YourCompany during the campaign.

Oh yes, don’t forget to have fun!

 Use our hashtags:






How to Donate?

Your donation has Tax Benefits

Ask Marietjie van der Spuy at SAVF 012 325 3920 or marketing@savf.co.za

 WHO are behind the scenes?

The Campaign is owned by NGO’s, managed by NGO’s for the benefit of the NGO’s.

The Tekkie Tax Campaign is a project of the Legacy through Charity Trust that is owned by SAVF, Epilepsy SA and Germa Hattingh.  All rights regarding the project shall remain the property of and are vested in The Legacy through Charity Trust including (but not limited to) the trademark, logos and copy related to the project.

Legal protection of the Campaign

We will protect our rights to this Campaign.

The Campaign is run by a Charitable Trust, called The Legacy though Charity Trust (LtC), registered with the Master of the South Gauteng High Court under registration number LT2455/2012, 116-048 NPO and PBO 0300541253, Vat no 4550267381.

 Board of Advisors

The Board of Advisors serves in advisory capacity regarding Tekkie Tax Campaign for the benefit of all parties involved.  The Board consist of individuals and organisations nominated by the Trustees.


We encourage you to make use of the numerous opportunities available to raise funds and create awareness for your Organisation via the infrastructure of this project.  We are super excited about 2019 and look forward to serving you in the best possible way!!

2013 = R2.4 million

2014 = R4.8 million

2015 = R6.5 million

2016 = R8.4 million

2017 = R8.2 million

2018 = R9.1 million

2019 = ???????????

Total: R30.3 million over 6 years

2019 is in your hands … make it happen!!!

 SAVF Contact details

We are just on the other side of your telephone or computer. We would love to talk to you!!

Tel: 012 325 3920

Email: tekkietax@savf.co.za

 Banking Details for Tekkie Tax Products:

SAVF Hoofbestuur, ABSA 000 810 355, Branch Code 63 2005

Your Ref to be used on EFT payments: TT (Your name or Company name)

27 April – Freedom day – Vryheidsdag

 I have learned that a healthy self-esteem, confidence and perseverance are best acquired through modelling or mentoring.  I suppose this is the reason why Tata never really retired:

“For to be free is not merely to cast off one’s chains, but to live in a way that respects and enhances the freedom of others.”  Nelson Mandela

Happy Freedom Day, let’s all do our part.

I often find myself asking soon-to-be retirees what they intend to do during retirement.  This often happens when I encounter a person with a unique skill and realise that this decision could change their future forever.  Some of these people may be uneducated, or worse may not comprehend the significance of education, in maintaining an active brain. I learnt from an article I once read that reading exercises the brain, in the same way that physical activity exercises the body.

I have come across under-privileged, less-skilled people, who are e.g. lacking in organizing skills and writing skills. However, these people also have stories to tell which others will learn from.  I have made use of public transport on a daily basis since the birth of my first child in 2015. Here I have met people who think they are insignificant and think they have nothing to offer this world. While listening to them I was amazed at the overwhelming obstacles they had to overcome with very few resources.  I have listened to the invaluable contributions they have made to their families or communities. I heard all of these stories on short bus rides.  I believe that someone like Oprah needs to hear these stories and broadcast it to the whole world.

I have learned that a healthy self-esteem, confidence and perseverance are best acquired through modelling or mentoring.  I suppose this is the reason why Tata never really retired:

“For to be free is not merely to cast off one’s chains, but to live in a way that respects and enhances the freedom of others.”  Nelson Mandela

Happy Freedom Day, let’s all do our part.

Bridget Seabela

PARADOX OF LIFE – “Hulle het gekruip in my hart en ek het deel gevoel van die familie”.

Pretoria’s summer is scorchingly hot and 13 February was no exception.  The temperature was 30 degrees Celsius, but deep inside I was trembling. I was super cold and scared out of my wits.

Were these wild thoughts and feelings justifiable? Of course: a Mosotho girl in a predominantly white Afrikaans old age home – what was she thinking? Was it the right choice? It sounded like career suicide. Was she capable of making a difference in the older people’s lives, would they ever accept her? I think paranoia was setting in.

 Social work is my passion, I am dedicated to my work and very compassionate.

I love and respect all people, but my fear of the unknown kept singing me a song of self-doubt. This four letter word “fear” showed me all the possible things that could go wrong and most of the time I entertained it. Yes, I believed it.

Then, she said to me: “It is normal to be worried because people speak Afrikaans, but they are just like us and you have it in you to make a difference in their lives.” Those were Mrs Wie’s words, but my fearful voice said: “She does not know what she is talking about”. In hindsight, she had a point – she believed in me. Sometimes in life we need just that, a gentle push and someone whose faith in your abilities is much stronger than in your fears, to help you realize your true potential.

I allowed myself to take the road less travelled and to face my fears. I think choosing SAVF Margaretha Ackerman Old Age Home, was a blessing waiting to happen. This was one mission I had to successfully accomplish and with a little bit of faith in myself and the support of my practice lecturer, I was ready.

The Home warmly opened its doors to me and I never looked back. That is how that “cold” summer’s day gave way to the warmest winter of my life!

Opening the front door of the home, being met by the lovely and warm faces of Susan, Jurina, Mr Van Dyk and Mrs Botes, made the winter blues evaporate like snowflakes melted by the warm rays of the sun.

The gentle touch of Susan (supposed to warm my hands), the delightful Dezi, optimistic Mr De Meyer, my favourite artists Oom Johnny and Mrs Ashborne, Mrs Venter’s never-ending life lessons, the sweet melodies of Danie and the choir, and, the forever young Jan Hattingh! These are some of the people that made it worthwhile. “Hulle het gekruip in my hart en ek het deel gevoel van die familie”.

Yes, I laughed at Ntate Frans’s jokes till my tummy ached, we embraced each other and celebrated our achievements. But the pain of losing loved ones in the home was just as intense. The loving and generous soul of Elise, Mr Welthagen, who reminded me that the fear of the Lord is the beginning of wisdom and Jakkals who made me believe in love again. May your souls rest in peace.

I am hopping into spring with renewed energy, fearless and very self-confident, my life has been touched by angels in more than one way. I shall cherish this humbling experience for the rest of my life.

“Uiteindelik het ek ‘n gevoel gehad van ‘behoort’. I saw my life in colour, thank you SAVF!”

Ditlhare Mokhema

Student Social Worker, since qualified as Social Worker.

Extract from the “Kleur ‘n lewe – Colour a life” booklet, with real life stories from SAVF.