Danie van Loggerenberg from Toys for Africa shared his passion for the safety of children with us:

We have various Child Protection Weeks across the country coming up.

In summary, we visit schools with the local SAPS and children are told how to be safe inside and outside of the school. Anti-bullying is a widely discussed topic, along with not walking home alone, taking sweets from strangers, inappropriate touching, etc. For the high school, we shift focus to cyber-bullying and drugs, while also having more intense discussions around inappropriate touching.

From personal experience of parental alienation, we touch on this subject too.

We meet roughly 60 000 plus children during these Child Protection Weeks. I believe the opportunity is there to encourage children to come forward and tell us about either parent not being part of their lives, for whatever reason.

After an incident that occurred at Valhalla Primary, we were invited to speak to the children there. It was encouraging that some children came forward after we spoke to them.

After a separation period due to parental alienation, my children have been back for 3 years. This happened after some corruption, blackmail, bribery and falsified reports, locked court files, etc. Due to these circumstances, I have not been as active, as back when I fought my “battle”. Research back then showed an alarming percentage of children that were unfortunately withheld from contact with an able and willing parent without any reason.

Of the 60 000 children we will meet, I believe over 6 000 children suffer this terrible emotional abuse.

At Toys for Africa, we are by no means limited or in any way forced to take hands with the SAPS and in the towns where we do not receive approval, we still meet the children. The reasons we approach the SAPS stations are countless. However, with regards to parental alienation, false Domestic Violence 116 orders are something we have been able to educate or rather share some insights on, with the SAPS.

The amazing stories are plenty:

An 8-year-old boy was forced by Parent A to lay a false claim against Parent B for sexual assault. He came forward and said it was all made up and that he missed Parent B.

A 13-year-old girl received a quad bike from Parent A for telling a social worker she did not want to see Parent B out of fear for Parent B. After 3 years of no contact, now being more mature and having a real emotional need for Parent B, she acknowledged that Parent A promised the gift for the testimony.

I’d love to take hands with you to protect and empower our children.

Contact Danie: to collaborate.

To date, over 379 350 children have benefited from our Passion.

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