Children known to SAVF are often traumatized by their circumstances and sometimes by their parents. These are conditions without hope and with tragic endings.

As someone recently said, the terrible circumstances children experience are often “age restricted” but that is what the children experience in practice!

Read the success “stories” of certain very special children.

According to the provisions of the Children’s Act, they may not be identified, but we may share their stories. The children have benefited from the community’s generosity and over time, with their own inputs, changed their lives.

  • On Christmas Day 2007 a girl was admitted to a SAVF Child and Youth Care centre (CYCC). She was destitute, neglected and without family. Twelve years later she is a fourth year B.Ed. student. She was not only able to go to university, but also to rise above her circumstances.
  • In 2010 another girl, who was one of four siblings, and who could no longer live in the very poor circumstances without food, clothes and proper shelter, was admitted. Last year she obtained a BA degree and is currently busy with her LLB. She passes every year with excellent marks and is now trying to obtain her driver’s licence.
  • In 2009 twin boys without parents were admitted to a CYCC. Not only did they find a home but also a place where they could develop their passions and talents. One of the boys obtained a BA Sport Science degree and is a role model for his “brothers” and “sisters” in the CYCC.
  • In her matric year the circumstances of another girl were so bad that she had to be placed in a CYCC urgently. She had no family who could take care of her. The positive outcome of her circumstances made such an impression on her that she started studying social work.

These children took advantage of the opportunities created for them.

They each received a government bursary that paid for study fees and accommodation. SAVF, as their parent, provided them with moral support, a home to visit during the holidays, as well as pocket money, money for books, food and clothing. The funds were provided by the SAVF Development and Empowerment initiative.

Would you like to make a contribution? There are more children who would love to benefit in the same manner.

Dr Blanche Verster 

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