Amazing Grace

(A true story about how love conquers all fear)

Our story begins with a strong, courageous lady with dancing blue eyes and attitude in her stride.  She touched the lives of so many with her beautiful compassionate heart.  However, her heart was reserved for one special little boy whom she waited for all her life … she would receive him as a gift from above.

It was dawn and thirteen days to Christmas.  The city was dressed in festive décor.  The Jacaranda trees beautified the city with their purple shade.  The maternity ward at the city hospital was buzzing with new life and mothers, who were overjoyed and proud of their bundles of joy.  Tucked away in the far end of the ward, a baby bundle cried his first cry.  With one quick movement the nurse placed the baby boy in the incubator, no loving arms to hold him.  “The mother cannot keep him”, (whispers behind judging hands).   The baby would be called Stevie … you see, because our story would not be complete without this strong, courageous boy.

He is the boy as tough as nails, who would learn to survive and conquer.  The beautiful boy with life dancing in his eyes and the dimple in his cheek.  His giggle lights up a room.  The boy who grabs life with his whole being.

This is a story of a match made in heaven, how brave Stevie found his way home to his Lanie.  His Lanie with love in her eyes for him, his save haven and his voice in his voiceless world.

Lelanie first held Stevie as a six-week-old infant.  Her friend was Stevie’s place-of-safety mother.  She fell in love with this gorgeous bundle as she assisted her friend during the day, caring for Stevie.  The time came for Stevie to be moved to a place-of-safety centre with other small children and babies.  Lelanie realised that Stevie needed family.  She would be his family.  Regular visits and weekend sleepovers started, during which Lelanie and Stevie grew closer and closer, forming a strong bond of love.

Parting became difficult and made them cry.  Sometimes Stevie refused to let go of his Lanie.  “Stevie, Lanie will not come back if you cry,” reprimanded the aunties at the centre.  Lelanie picked him up and held him close to her heart.  She pressed a kiss on his head and whispered, “I will always come back.  I love you Stevie”.

“Be brave now, Stevie, our Warrior”.  He bit his lip and walked back to his room with a tear still visible on his cheek.  “Lanie will come back”.  And she always did … till one day.  Things started to change.  This time, Stevie’s Lanie came to fetch him to come home forever.  His Lanie … his mommy!

The strong courageous lady will not tell you of the many sleepless nights and how she prayed, “Father, use me, but help me, please.  I am scared”.  She will not tell you how she cried, seeing her broken boy and feeling helpless, “How will he survive this?”  She will not tell you about her uphill battle providing a voice for this child, about how ordinary aspects like obtaining a birth certificate became an extraordinary accomplishment within a child-unfriendly system.  She chooses to smile and say, “I’ll do it all over again.”  She never complains, she just loves her boy.  Then one unexpected day, brave Stevie placed his hand in his Lanie’s hand and said, “Mommy, I love you”.  These are the moments which made all the battles, fights, tears and sleepless nights just melt away.

It is amazing grace. God answered her prayers for a child that would touch her life and heart forever.  God saw this magnificent boy without loving arms to comfort him and it touched His heart.  Lelanie, go well courageous lady.  Love your boy with all your heart.  Go brave Stevie, grow up to be strong and happy and keep on grabbing life with passion and joy.

By Henlie Holm